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Interpretative Individuality

In the previous studio post (“Learning Unknown Works”) I warned about a likely outcome of hearing pieces before learning them, which is copying other people’s interpretations. For this post, I’d like to draw attention to something that might seem the opposite: we should not be concerned if our interpretation of a piece happens to resemble […]

Learning Unknown Works

Students usually learn pieces that they heard before–that is many times the reason why they want to play them. Even if they never heard the piece they are about to learn, they can easily access recordings or videos of it. And they do it! Therefore, being acquainted with a piece before or while studying it […]

Guest appearance for Yale’s President inauguration

On October 11, 2013, at 8 pm EST, Marco will join the Yale Guitars in Woolsey Hall, in a Celebration Concert, part of President Peter Salovey’s inauguration weekend. On the program, Folguedo by Celso Machado and Concerto RV 549, No 1 by Antonio Vivaldi. Broadcast live on the Yale University YouTube Channel!