Thank you for reading about my teaching — a great passion of mine!

I have taught guitar for more than twenty years, working with students of various backgrounds and levels and with different interests and goals. I developed guitar programs for children and taught in elementary schools. I also taught advanced, competition-winning students in masterclasses at numerous conservatories and universities.

I find teaching fascinating. How many other situations grant you the opportunity to work individually with someone on an activity that involves mind, body and soul?

I am interested in music, of which guitar is only one part. Therefore, I enjoy my time in academia, where I have taught other subjects as well. Aside from guitar lessons, at New World School of the Arts in Miami I coached chamber music ensembles, and taught AP theory for their music high-school division and theory/sight-singing for music theater students. I also directed three editions of GuitarFest. Now, at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, aside from classical and jazz guitar, I teach chamber music, Introduction to Western Music and Survey of Latin-American Music.

I have offered also offered lectures and workshops on technique, fingerings, sight-reading and historical issues.

Aside from the blog posts that you can read on this site, I also published articles for Soundboard, the journal of the Guitar Foundation of America:

  • Vol 44, No 4: “From ordeal to opportunity: fingering proficiency as a self-standing discipline.” Featured Article
  • Vol 44, No 1: “Sympathetic Resonances: Dampen Them or Not?” Featured Article
  • Vol 43, No 1: “Short Strokes: Road or Destination?” Technique Column
  • Vol 41, No 3: “Analysis and Performance of Dissonances in Joaquín Rodrigo’s Guitar Music.” Featured Article
  • Vol 39, No 4: “Performing Your Technical Exercises.” Technique Column

And I contributed liner notes to the following recordings:

  • Marc Regnier: “Zambra! Guitar Music of Spain.” Sheva Collection Label, 2017
  • Marc Regnier: “Tempo do Brasil: Solo & Chamber Works for Guitar.” Reference Recordings, 2015
  • Sebastián Caldas: “Nowruz.” Daphne Recordings, 2015